And so the blog venture begins…

Well here we go. I realize many mamas have their own blogs, and so I thought that could be good for me too. So why not? However, I did not want to just be in the mom box or the Catholic mom box for that matter, that is a huge part of my identity, but more so, I want a place to record my thoughts as a daughter of God. I’m a woman trying my best to live with a heart wide open to God. Pope francis recently said in an interview, “…it is important not to be restricted by a larger space, and it is important to be able to stay in restricted spaces. This virtue of the large and small is magnanimity. Thanks to magnanimity, we can always look at the horizon from the position where we are. That means being able to do the little things of every day with a big heart open to God and to others. That means being able to appreciate the small things inside large horizons, those of the kingdom of God.” And so this blog will follow my journey to live out these words from our dear Pope, this incredible father figure for all of us striving to reach that eternal goal.

In this blog you will find mommy topics, as I am a mother of one 9 month old boy named Henry and one baby in utero yet to be named. I am a wife to an incredible man, Cory. We met in college at Franciscan University and the rest is history. He’s an incredibly talented graphic designer/video producer who works mainly for the Catholic Church. I’m so proud of the man God has and is making him to be. Also, I am a recently employed Norwex consultant because I love these products, they have helped me to like cleaning just a little bit (a miracle), so I will share that journey on here. I also am a very passionate, striving to be faithful Catholic woman so a lot of my thoughts will flow from that perspective. I hope to encourage, inspire, commiserate, and maybe at least once or twice humor you along this journey with me. Thanks for following.

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Deo Gratias,



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