My name is Marie. I’m a wife to an incredibly handsome man, Cory who started and runs his own company, Likable Art (could not be more proud!) and a mother of two, one currently in the womb. Henry is 9mo and little one is due in July of 2014. My husband and I met at Franciscan University where I graduated with a double major in Catechetics and Theology. I was a youth minister for a few years, and now I am a proud SAHM with a side business of being a Norwex Consultant. Norwex has helped me to actually clean from time to time which I consider to be no less than a miracle so I am happy to share these products with others. I love to cook and bake, though not that great at it, I am self taught, and rely mostly on God’s grace to get through a meal, but I’m learning and with the help of the Pioneer Woman, I feel I am getting somewhere! I am absolutely in love with my beautiful Catholic faith that God has given me, and really it’s more of a perspective than it is a faith. It is the reality we live in. I am a mama, wife, sister, friend who makes a boatload of mistakes, and is often known to be a bit flaky, but I’m trying people. So if you can relate to one or none of those things, join me on this journey. I’ve been known to be a bit too serious at times, and yet LOVE to make others laugh so perhaps you’ll get the best of both worlds here :-). Thanks for visiting my blog and thank you for taking an interest in my journey. God bless you and yours.

Deo Gratias.



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